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Glittered up Toygers

Breeding healthy and lovable Toygers for others to enjoy  

At Glittered Up Toygers, we strive to provide healthy, lovable, Toyger cats for others to enjoy. All of our breeding cats have been genomic tested with DNA samples to ensure only healthy cats without carriers of known health conditions are used to produce the healthiest offspring without any known DNA flaws. Our 2 current breeding Queens and future Queen have at least 2 glittered genes as well as Thomas our king also carries two genes or more of glitter. This glittered coat is so soft with fine hairs that gives them a beautiful shine that feels like velvet. 

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Glittered Up Toygers

At Glittered Up Toygers, we do more than provide pet care - we care about your pet just as we care about our own. Not only are we animal lovers, but we also have the experience to provide the highest quality of services.

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About Us

We decided on the Toyger breed for our cattery as we were looking for hypoallergenic cats,  (as much as possible) with good personalities, smart cats that love people, and have energy to play after the kitten stage. The Toyger is a newer breed with continued working progress to evolve the look of the Tiger. These cats are moderate medium size cats at full grown age. Most are 10-13 pounds. 

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Tonya Logsdon

24732 240th Ave
Centerville, Appanoose County 52544


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